Crestsage deploys DWDM Solution for highly secured data transfer and increased bandwidth over a fiber network

Recently, financial institutions have become more demanding of the networks that support and enables it. banking organizations have various requirements of tracing transactions for an extended period. they are faced with a large amount of data storage and daily transactions as well as electronic fraud tracking and prevention, delivery of services and natural disasters. Such large files need high speed and integrity of networks to transfer data for their data recovery which is essential for backing up purposes.

Crestsage in partnership with Huawei deploys DWDM project for Diamond Bank Plc for data recovery. The bandwidth specification implemented was 50Gb/s across a 20Km distance. The project was completed by Crestsage Limited in 2016 and has enabled seamless transfer and more effective workflow.

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is a is an optical multiplexing technological solution for the transfer of a large amount of data between sites over an increased bandwidth. It increases bandwidth by allowing different data streams to be sent simultaneously over a single secure optical fiber network as opposed to the older technologies. 


The Huawei DWDM leverages on their world-class technology using the Huawei OSN 1800 for the DWDM solution.

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