Over the last 30 months (21/2 years) Crestsage Limited has been engaging the Anambra State government to actualize the Government’s desire for digital transformation to e-Government. Prior to the engagement with Crestsage Limited the government of Anambra State, precisely, Anambra State Physical Planning Board was in 100% paper-based engagement across the processing of construction permits within the State. This certainly was accompanied with widespread delay in every stage of the whole process in addition to the untold hardships that Developers will have to pass through from knowing which documents are needed to ensuring that his application moves from one stage of the processing to the other after a heavy financial inducement to the government official(s) involved thereby breeding professional corruptions. Usually, the Developer will have to make several trips to the government offices over several months before he would be able to obtain his building permit.

Currently the situation has been salvaged by the Digitalization process undertaken by CRESTSAGE LIMITED under a Public Private Partnership arrangement with the Government of Anambra State. This led to the creation of a portal for processing construction permits viz https://apply.ansppb.an.gov.ng Hence, currently you do not have to pay a single visit to the government office to begin the process of Building permit application, neither do you need to financially induce anyone to push your files nor wait for endless ages to obtain your building permit. Now, you can do all of that from the comfort of your home/office both within and outside of Nigeria including submitting all required documents and making all necessary payments directly into the Governments coffers. The turnaround time has changed drastically such that with the provision of all the required documents as clearly stated in ANSPPB website (www.ansppb.an.gov.ng) you are sure of getting your building permit within five (5) working days.

This was disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer of CRESTSAGE LIMITED, Engr. Charles Emembolu during the just concluded ANAMBRA STATE BROADBAND STAKEHOLDERS’ FORUM on Tuesday, 30th March, 2021.

The post event communique and speeches from the event can be read here on medium https://ansppb.medium.com and the video of the event can be watched here https://bit.ly/AnambraBroadbandConferenceVideo

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